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I can't believe time passes so fast
It was all too good to last
Times with you i could not describe

I felt as if my heart were alive

I hoped you could feel it

The way that i did

It wasn't my imagination

Or muttering some incantation

You made me smiLe, laugh and grin

Words can't explain, it was like cookies n cream

Staring into your eyes, so deep inside

I was trapped, i needed light

You gave me a purpose, a goal in life

When you left, i didn't know if i could survive

You taught me to love,but also to move on

Somehow those words, sounded so wrong

I'm amazed at how you can make me feel this way

Sad, glad, loved and betrayed

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; * Dream of Me -
Make Me Yours Now and Forever

I wanna be Everything
that You Ever Need...

Your Wildest Dream
Your Fantasy

Your Deepest Kiss
Your Sweetest Smile

the Eyes that Look into Your Soul
the One and Only Person

You Ever Love

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